FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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  • Fluidics Intelligently Automated

    Our instruments automate and streamline wet chemistry and process analysis. Applications include nutrient and anion analysis in environmental or agricultural laboratories, and on-line process monitoring for biotechnology companies.
  • In-house Expertise in Chemistry and Software

    FIAlab has in-house software engineers to continuously improve our control software that seamlessly integrates with our analytical equipment. We are also capable of creating custom software solutions for your applications.
  • Serving a Variety of Industries

    Our instruments consistently help automate processes in laboratories around the world. See our “industries” page to find recommended products related to your industry.

Our Products

FIAlab manufactures lab instruments and develops software that utilizes FIA, SFA, and SIA technologies. All of our instruments automate otherwise manual and laborious chemical assays. Explore our Industries page if you are curious which principle is most applicable to your lab.


Flow Injection Analysis


Flow Injection Analyzer


Sequential Injection Analysis

Customer Service Promise

When it comes to customer service, our guiding principle is that you, our customer, will succeed in your business. FIAlab will be a partner that supports your efforts in reaching that goal. We provide superior tools for our customers' analytical operations, as well as steadfast support when questions and special needs arise. Whether it be patching our software, training new employees, or performing maintenance, we promise to be there for you.

You can count on us!

With millions of samples analyzed by our instruments every year, you can be certain that we deliver high-performance instrumentation*. And, with an analyzer in every continent, it’s safe to assume that our instruments will integrate into practically any lab environment!

*Calculations are based off of customer feedback and estimates.

Continents Served

Average # of Samples Analyzed per Hour

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  • “FIAlab is open to feedback from their customers and applies it to better their products. They have prompt customer service that is very helpful for our operations.”
  • "We have done business with FIAlab for 15 years now. They consistently provide the products and service we need for our high throughput demands."
  • “We needed a different way of analyzing urea in seawater samples. FIAlab created a protocol that removed previous bottlenecks in our method and improved accuracy as well as throughput.”
  • “We were not satisfied with existing ammonia assays. We found many methods incompatible with our highly acidic sample extracts. FIAlab created a method that not only tackled the acidity problem but also created a method with no hazardous waste, good throughput, and affordable reagents.”