pdfFIA Agricultural Assays



FIAlyzer-1000 analyzes a wide variety of samples including soil, plant tissue and manure. Agricultural assays, including nutrient testing of KCl, Bray, Olsen, and Mehlich extracts, are routinely automated using the FIAlyzer-1000. The many advantages include high throughput and cost efficiency.

FIAlyzer-1000 1-channel system




pdfFIA Environmental Assays

 Environmental assays often require more precision than agricultural assays. This isn't a problem with our FIA systems. Our methods can analyze everything from ammonia to cyanide to the parts per billion. Using a FIA system as opposed to other instruments, like an IC, can greatly increase your throughput without sacrificing accuracy. Check the linked pdf to see all the reasons why you should use FIA for your environmental assays.  


pdfOn-line Process Monitoring

  FIAlab-4000 2


FIAlab analyzers are perfectly suited for on-line monitoring. The analyzers have been designed to work in an automated unattended fashion. They can perform complex analytical operations reliably and reproducibly.


FIAlab Process Analyzer



pdfSensor Testing



The OmniSIA instrument is the ideal device for testing biosensors. Its design offers remarkable flexibility to perform virtually any measurement typically used in sensor development




pdfFIA & SIA Universities/Research & Development


 ProSIA sequential injection analyzers are commonly usesd as research workhorses in the field of analytical chemistry. Analyzers have been used for development of new techniques for sample pre-treatment protocols and analytical Measurements; Sensor testing; Environmental research and qceanography. The analyzer's hardware and software flexibility make it the perfect system on which to run multiple research projects.



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