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Part Number: 82106
Product Image: SIAsoft Interface




SIAsoft for sequential injection analysis just rolled out! This new software supports our line of sequential injection analyzers including the MicroSIA, ProSIA, and OmniSIA. FIAlab is one of the only companies still producing new software for flow injection and sequential injection analyzers, and SIAsoft is packed with new features.

Just a couple of these features include new scripting and data viewing options. SIAsoft can run methods from Python Scripting, making complex methods easy to create, as well as our classic FIAlab Method Commands, for less technical scripting. Accompanying the Real Time Data View feature is a 3D Heat Map. Here, you can view your assay's wavelength, absorbance, and time variable outputs on a single graph. 

Check out our demonstrational video, and always feel free to contact us at sales@flowinjection.com if you have any questions! 


SIAsoft Brochure SIAsoft Brochure