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OmniSIA (formerly known as FIAlab-3500)

Part Number: 77015



The Multi-Analysis Instrument 

The OmniSIA system is our most flexible instrument. It performs analyses in both SIA and FIA format. It is ideal for developing new FIA/SIA methods and testing new sensor technologies. It uses computer control software for the optimization of all the steps of an assay protocol. The result is:

  • - high reproducibility
  • - low reagent consumption
  • - minimized waste generation

With a multi-position valve, a high resolution micro-syringe pump and a 4-channel peristaltic pump, this unit is also suitable for:

  • - exploration of chemical reaction
  • - low pressure column separations
  • - dialysis
  • - gas diffusion


Add-ons and Compatibility 

The OmniSIA system optionally includes:

  • - multiple RS-232 ports
  • - A/D data collection channels
  • - D/A outputs
  • - TTL outputs
  • - 24 VDC relays

Peripheral analytical instruments can interface directly with the instrument via back panel ports. Compatible instruments include:

  • - autosamplers
  • - additional syringe pumps
  • - additional peristaltic pumps
  • - external selector and injector valves
  • - FIAlab’s PMT-FL


Various detectors are compatible with the OmniSIA and are controlled by means of FIAlab software. These detector methods include:

  • - UV-VIS spectrophotometry
  • - fluorescence
  • - chemiluminescence 


pdfOmniSIA Specification Sheet

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