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ProSIA (formerly known as FIAlab-3200)

Part Number: 77014


Dual Pump Sequential Injection Analyzer

The ProSIA Dual Syringe SIA instrument is designed for research and development projects. The ProSIA uses computer control software for optimization of all steps of an assay protocol. The result is high reproducibility, low reagent consumption and minimized waste generation.

These two independently controllable syringe pumps are suited for assays based on:

  • - gas diffusion
  • - gradient generation used for automated titrations,
  • - separation of analytes from matrix by means of sorbent extraction. 


Common complementary components for the ProSIA include a mounted Lab-on-Valve or an auxiliary peristaltic pump. These can be incorporated upon request. 

The advantages of a dual syringe system:

  • - Programmable gradients can be created as these syringe pumps can be controlled simultaneously and independently for direction, flow rate, and volume.
  • - The system provides a wide range of flow rates. By simultaneously using a small and a large syringe, one can significantly increase the system's flow rate dynamic range.
  • - The dual syringe combination is ideal for auto diluting high concentration samples prior to analyses.
  • - The system can be run with seamless uninterrupted flow; while one syringe is refilling, the other is emptying.


pdfProSIA Flyer and Specifications

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