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The Market's Smallest Sequential Injection Analyzer

The MicroSIA is a versatile and reliable analytical instrument that utilizes sequential injection assays designed and customed in our state-of-the-art software: SIAsoft. 

The instrument-software duo results in assays with:

  • - broad-scope versatility
  • - high reproducibility
  • - low reagent consumption
  • - minimized waste generation


The versatility makes it an ideal research tool, and its low reagent consumption makes it the most economic system for serial assays.

Valve and Flow Cell Macro LQ

The MicroSIA is also the smallest automated analyzer available on the market. With a footprint of 12x14cm, this portable unit is for the laboratory where bench space is at a premium. It uses microlitre volumes of samples and reagents and generates 50 times less waste per assay than any other flow based automated analyzer.

Because of its robustness and reliability, on-line applications are also suited for the MicroSIA. An assay developed and tested in a laboratory can be transferred in the field or in a process using the same instrument.

The MicroSIA LOV system offers unique capabilities. See Lab-on-Valve SIA.

Valve and Flow Cell Macro LQ

Multi-channel MicroSIA

Multi-channel SIA systems are best assembled by daisy-chaining several MicroSIA single channel instruments. This approach is extremely versatile, since the instrument can be easily reconfigured for different sets of analytes. 

pdfMicroSIA Flyer and Specifications


SIAsoft is the newest control software for analytical instruments on the market. It is intuitive and customizable. Scripts for assays can be written in Python or our standard FIAlab scripting language. For more detailed information click here.

 SIAsoft Brochure SIAsoft Brochure




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