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The Fluorescence Flow Cell

Part Number: 79013, 79014 and 79015
Product Image: Fiber Optic Flow Cell

Fiber Optic Fluorescence Flow Cells

The SMA-FL Fluorescence Flow Cell utilizes a fiber optic cable to send excitation energy through a fused silica window into a 2-mm inner-diameter sample compartment. Emitted energy is collected by a second fiber, oriented at 90°, that connects to a spectrometer/detector configured for fluorescence. The flow cell is available in chemically inert Black Ultem. The cell is compatible with standard SMA 905 terminated fiber optics. The windows are removable for cleaning or replacement to another material with different optical properties.

Each cell includes 1 mm thick UV grade Fused Silica windows, a hard, non-corrosive, chemically resistant material that also has a high UV through IR transmission (260 nm through 2000 nm). The windows are held in place by chemically resistant seals, pressure mounted with steel SMA connectors (connectors do not contact the fluids).

Each order includes one SMA-FL-Cell with fused silica windows, two steel SMA connectors, six chemically resistant Upchurch tubing connectors, two meters of Teflon tubing, six chemically resistant seals. Two SMA terminated fiber optic cables P600-20 are required and must be purchased separately.

The Versatile Fluorometer - recommended configurations using Fiber Optics

The system comprises OO Spectrofluorometer and Tungsten or Deuterium light excitation source, a pair of quartz optical fibers and an SMA-FL-CELL. For exploratory work, no excitation or emission filters are required.


  Flow Cell with Fused Silica Window  
79013 SMA-FL-Cell Ultem with Fused Silica Windows $710.00
79015 SMA-FL-Cell Stainless Steel with Fused Silica Windows $710.00



SMA-WIN Kit - Replacement seals and silica windows for flow cells

Flow Cell

PN 79150

We recommend that you replace the teflon seals and silica windows of your flow cell after each cleaning. Our SMA-WIN Kit provides two silica windows and six teflon seals. 

Learn how to clean your flow cell and replace these compenents here: 

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