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The Long Path Flow Cells

Part Number: 79012
Product Image: FIAlab-2500 with Long Path Flow Cell

Long Path Flow Cell for VIS Spectrophotometry

The LP Flow Cell - allows absorbance measurements through an optical path 50 cm long with an internal volume of only 220 microliters.

The LP Flow Cell is ideally suited for very low level nutrient and trace element assays. The cell allows VIS/NIR (400 nm to 1,000 nm) absorbance measurements. Wetting surfaces include Fused Silica, Viton®, and PEEK. Contains no Teflon AF. FIAlab LP flow cell is not a liquid core waveguide, that deteriorate due to wall surface contamination. LP flow cell functions as straight light paths collimator. Compatible with all FIAlab's analyzers. For additional information on long path flow cell consult the Complimentary CD Tutorial.

Example Detection Ranges with the LP Flow Cell-50 and the FIAlab 2500


Typical Detection Range


0.0001 to 0.5 mg (N)/L


0.0004 to 1.0 mg (N)/L

Ortho Phosphate

0.002 to 0.5 mg (P)/L

Ammonia (Salicylate Method)

0.002 to 2 mg (N)/L NH3


Part Number Item Description Price
79012 LP Flow Cell-50 Long Path Flow Cell - 50 cm optical path. fittings and tubing.   Internal volume ~ 0.1 ml. $1,478.00
15008 FIA-P600 Optical fiber, 600 Micron diameter, SMA terminated on one end and PEEK sheath termination on the other end. For making connections to the FIA-Z flowcells, ULP flowcells and LOV built-in flow cells.  $332.00


SMA-WIN Kit - Replacement seals and silica windows for flow cells

Flow Cell

PN 79150

We recommend that you replace the teflon seals and silica windows of your flow cell after each cleaning. Our SMA-WIN Kit provides two silica windows and six teflon seals. 

Learn how to clean your flow cell and replace these compenents here: 

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