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Lab-on-Valve FIA

Part Number: 29087 to 29089
Product Image: FIA LOV 1 channel

Sample Injection by Two Position Valve

The Flow Injection technique employs a two position valve for injection of a well defined sample volume into the carrier stream containing regents. The sample volume is defined by the volume of an external sample loop – selectable by the user. The sample is aspirated into the loop in the LOAD position and inserted into the carrier steam after the rotor of the two position valve has moved into the INJECT position.

               LOAD                                                                                                                       INJECT

FIA LOV 1 channel schematic Load

FIA LOV 1 channel schematic Inject











Single Channel FIA Lab-on-Valve® System

FIA LOV 1 channel ManiflodThe FIA –LOV manifold comprises a two position injection valve, furnished with an external loop. The valve is integrated with a manifold is equipped with T joints where the carrier stream merges with reagent streams. The structure has threaded outlets that accommodate fittings and mixing coils along with a flow cell for UV-VIS spectrophotometry, connected to light source and detector by means of optical fibers. The LOV manifold is available either in Perspex as shown here, or in ULTEM.


Dual Channel FIA Lab-on-Valve® System


FIA LOV 2 channel schematic Load

FIA LOV 2 channel schematic Inject








FIA LOV 2 channel UltemThis unique valve configuration has been designed to save cost and bench space, and to accelerate sampling rate (sample has less distance to travel to fill both sample loops), The result is a compact instrument suited for laboratories performing routine assays at an yet unprecedented productivity and time saving. For further details see FIAlab-2600.


Examples of Analyte Combinations Throughput: Assay Results
Nitrate and Nitrite 240
Nitrate and Ammonia 120
Nitrate and Chloride 240
Nitrate and Sulfate 120
Ortho Phosphate and Nitrate 240
Ortho Phosphate and Ammonia 120
Bray Phosphate and Potassium 240


FIA-LOV fabricated from Plexiglas; fully transparent, wetted surfaces PEEK, Teflon and Plexiglas. Compatible with water solutions of reagents, acids and bases (up to 0,5M) and ethanol or methanol /water solutions up to 10%. w/w. FIA-LOV fabricated from ULTEM: partially transparent, wetted surfaces PEEK, Teflon, ULTEM.



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