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Part Number: 77050
Product Image: FIAlyzer 1700.2 Etch LQ

The FIAlyzer-1700 combines the diverse functionality of syringe pumps and the effective throughput of a peristaltic pump. The four syringe pumps on the analyzer work in unison to coordinate the aspirating or dispensing of carrier, sample, and reagents. The four-channel peristaltic pump is the same one found on the FIAlyzer-1000, allowing the instrument to also run in classical FIA mode if so desired. What makes the FIAlyzer-1700 unique is its ability to combine both pump methods in a single assay. This allows for more complex, hybrid assays. The addition of syringe functionality to a flow injection system has several advantages:

    - Precise speed and volume control, allowing methods to run in either continuous or stop-flow mode.

    - Smoother flow as pulsation is all but eliminated. This is critical for ultra-low level assays.

    - Relative flow rate between channels is achieved by using different syringe sizes.

    - Less reagent is used than with classical flow injection.

The FIAlyzer-1700 is an excellent choice for commercial laboratories performing routine agricultural and environmental assays, and an ideal choice for laboratories exploring new FIA approaches. 

FIAlyzer 1700.1 LQ

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