Part Number: 7931xx - PN varies depending on specific assay. Contact FIAlab for specifics.

The Preferred Flow Injection Analyzer for Agricultural and Environmental Assays.

The FIAlyzer-1000 is a single-channel analyzer that offers full automation of flow injection analysis. The complete system includes the pump, valve, light source, spectrometer, and other components needed for measuring liquid samples by flow injection analysis. The system is controlled by FIAsoft, our state-of-the-art control software, which is also compatible with most autosamplers. The robust design, low cost, and adaptability make it the best choice for agricultural and environmental laboratories performing routine assays.


For agricultural laboratories, the FIAlyzer-1000 analyzes soil, plant tissue, manure samples, and other substances related to the growing of crops. These include nutrients, like nitrate, phosphate, and ammonia, and other soil fertility indicators such as sulfate and chloride. For environmental laboratories, the FIAlyzer-1000 analyzes a wide variety of nutrients and toxic substances in runoff, drinking water, and wastewater. For a complete list of methods that can be run on a FIAlyzer-1000, please see our FIAlab Product Catalog, and our list of FIAlab EPA methods. If you do not see the method you need listed, please contact FIAlab; we have many more methods available.


The FIAlyzer-1000 has several distinct advantages. The instrument generates highly reproducible and accurate results, a critical aspect of equipment for any lab. It is also capable of analyzing many samples per hour while consuming a small amount of reagent. The compact and robust design makes the systems easy to use and maintain and allows them to take up less than a square foot of bench space.

The LOV (Lab-on-Valve) platform integrates manifold components (valve, tube fittings, confluence points) within a single transparent structure. This unique technology means that the user can clearly see how the instrument works, and any cleaning or other maintenance can be performed easily. The LOV eliminates most of the tubing and connections typical for traditional flow injection manifolds.


FIAsoft is FIAlab’s control software for flow injection analyzer setups. Released in 2014, it has met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers for a few key reasons:

     Simplicity: The user interface is easy to understand and use, and once an instrument has been set up, very little is required from the user for day-to-day operation.

     Functionality: Data processing is handled entirely by the software, allowing for noise-reduction, background correction, calibration, and QC checking to all occur during a run.

     Reliability: FIAsoft has been written using the latest programming technology, and experiences virtually no glitches or bugs.

     Compatibility: Sample lists can be loaded manually or from a LIMS, and results can be exported in the same ways. FIAsoft can be run on Windows 7-10. For more information about the software, click here.