Part Number: 7931xx - PN varies depending on specific assay. Contact FIAlab for specifics.
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The Preferred Flow Injection Analyzer for Agricultural and Environmental Assays.

The FIAlyzer-1000 is a single-channel analyzer that offers full automation of flow injection analysis. The complete system includes the pump, valve, light source, spectrometer, and other components needed for measuring liquid samples by flow injection analysis.

The system is controlled by FIAsoft, our state-of-the-art control software, which is also compatible with most autosamplers. The robust design, low cost, and adaptability make it the best choice for agricultural and environmental laboratories performing routine assays.

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FIAlyzer-2000 Multi-Channel Series
Part Number: 7932xx - PN varies based on specific assay. Contact FIAlab for specifics..
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Multi-Channel Flow Injection Analyzers 

The FIAlyzer 2000 to 8000 series are multi-channel analyzers for simultaneous determination of multiple parameters. These instruments can have up to 8 channels and offer the complete automation of wet chemical assays. Analysis of parameters like nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate, chloride and many others are routinely performed with the FIAlyzer series. By running these assays simultaneously, you acheive higher throughputs while saving significant bench space.

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Part Number: 77050
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FIAlyzer-1700 is unique in its ability to utilize both the syringe pumps and the peristaltic pump in a single assay. This allows for more complex, hybrid assays. 

Multi-Channel Analysis
Part Number: 790xxx

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To analyze multiple analytes at once, consider the multi-channel option. By daisy-chaining multiple single-channel units together, up to eight analytes can be analyzed at once.