Part Number: 77035



Conventional Configuration for Ultra High Sensitivity Fluorescence Measurement

The PMT-FL Flow Through Fluorometer is an ultra sensitive photomultiplier- based flow through detection system designed for monitoring of very low fluorescence, chemiluminescence or bioluminescence emissions. The heavy-duty light tight chemically resistant housing is built to withstand industrial environments.

The PMT- FL accepts either a flow through or a conventional quartz cuvette for manual sample handling. The detection limit is guaranteed to be 10 parts per trillion - obtained with Fluorescein @ 250 msec integration time and appropriate emission and excitation filters.

Compatible with all FIAlab's analyzers or with a mini perstaltic pump for manual operation.

LEDs from 270 nm to 920 nm are available.


High Sensitivity Fluorescence Measurement

PMT Specifications: Photon counting PMT detector 310nm - 750nm spectral range. Pulse pair resolution: 10ns responsivity @ 400nm: 5 X 1017 cps/Watt PMT dynamic range: 2.0E06 The PMT-FL is built to order with either an internal excitation lamp or an SMA-terminated fiber optic cable for use with an external lamp. Emission and excitation filters are mounted in user accessible slots inside the enclosure, allowing for quick removal or exchange.

Additional Components
Built in bandpass excitation and/or emission filters. We offer numerous bandpass filters for fluorometric assays, from the UV through VIS.