Block Digestion System

Part Number: 61104, 61105
BD28 & BD50 Block Digestion System

Designed for Durability
Designed for durability and robustness, a BD50s / BD28s digestion system includes a block digestion unit, microprocessor controller, tube rack/draftshield, a set of digestion vessels and a cooling stand that supports the tube rack above the block.

Automate your Digestions
If you are looking to automate your digestions (Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen - TKN) (Total Kjeldahl Phosphorous - TKP), the BD50s and BD28s offers enhanced productivity, better quality Kjeldahl digestions and increased safety.
The BD50s and BD28s Kjeldahl Digestion Systems heat samples at a controlled rate, in the presence of one or more acids, to the required temperature then holds the samples at that temperature until digestion is complete.

Unique Flat Plate Design
BD28  BD50 Flat PlateThe BD50s and BD28s' unique flat plate design results in an even temperature distribution across the block and more precise temperature control. The temperature of each digestion position in the BD50s and BD28s is tightly regulated ensuring all samples in the batch are digested equally (diagram A).


Better than Old Rod Heaters
BD28  BD50 Rod HeaterOther block designs use a more common rod heater
design that results in a greater temperature variation across the digestion block (diagram B). The different colored zones shown on the BD50s and BD28s block illustrate the temperature isotherms across the block at 4000C

Multiple Digestion Methods Stored
In addition, your digestion methods are stored
electronically to provide reproducibility from batch to-batch, operator-to-operator. You can store up to 20 programs, each with up to 30 steps, allowing you to automate the most complex digestion procedure.

The excellent temperature stability of the BD50s and BD28s eliminates the need to move individual samples to a more "favorable position" during the digestion. Controlled heating rates, as low as 1°C per minute, protect against bumping and splattering of reactive samples.

Protect Your Sample Integrity
The BD50 and BD28 Controller senses power failures and will record the digest conditions and hold the digest to protect your samples. An in-built safety cutout protects from overheating. The Controller is separate from the Block protecting the electronics and the operator from acid fumes.