Syringe Pumps

Part Number: 43001, 43002, 43004, 43006
Micro CSP300 3 way

MicroCSP-3000 Three Way Valve Configuration

Micro CSP300 3 wayFor unparalleled precision in solution delivery, this micro syringe pump includes a 24,000- increment high-resolution stepper motor, which drives the piston at rates from 1.5 second to 10 minutes per stroke. Flow rates can be changed on the fly. The syringe pump incorporates a three-position Teflon/Kel-F valve. The pump operates on a safe universal 24 VDC power supply.
Besides being a "stand alone" pump, the MicroCSP-3000 is designed for use with all automated FIAlab® solution handling systems, and can be controlled by the same FIAlab software that operates all FIAlab instrumentation.
The user has three choices for software control:
1) Simple ASCII commands through RS-232 serial port (e.g., using Labview),
2) FIAlab software (not included, purchase separately).
- Pumps are controlled through RS-232 or RS-485 communication protocol.
- Each order includes a 24 VDC universal power supply and a communication cable.
Multiple units can be interconnected and controlled simultaneously, as well as independently.

3 Way Valve Configuration (Part no 43001)


MicroCSP-3000 Multi Way Valve Configuration

Micro CSP300 9 way


Two to Nine port Configurations are available on request. Three port configurations are most frequently used. However, 2, 6, and 9 port configurations are also available.


9 Way Valve Configuration (Part no 43002)




CSP-6000 Large Volume Syringe Pump 

This Syringe pump is our full size stepper motor driven pump. It is approximately twice the size of the MicroCSP-3000, and therefore can handle a large volume syringes, including sizes 250 uL, 500 uL, 1.0 mL, 2.5 mL, 5.0 mL, 10 mL, and 25 mL. The CSP-6000 can aspirate/dispense at rates of 1.5 seconds per stroke down to 160 minutes per stroke. In this way flow rates as low as 30 microlitres /second can be generated when using the 250 microliter volume syringe. Ideal for low as well as high flow rate dosing, with exquisite volume control with 24/7 unattended service. (Part no 43004)

Syringes for MicroCSP-3000

User changeable glass syringes have available volumes from 250 microliters to 5 milliliters. One syringe is included with each purchase. Please specify size.


Syringes for MicroCSP-3000

7250XLP0 - 0.5ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43101)
7250XLP0 - 1.0ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43102)
7250XLP0 - 2.5ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43103)
7250XLP0 - 5.0ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43104)
7250XLP0 - 10.0 ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43105)
7250XLP0 - 25.0 ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43106)

7250XP0 - 0.05ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43111)
7250XP0 - 0.25ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43112)
7250XP0 - 0.50ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43113)
7250XP0 - 1.0ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43114)
7250XP0 - 2.5ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43115)
7250XP0 - 5.0ml Cavro glass barrel syringe (Part no 43116)







Centris Syringe Pump

Centris Syrimge PumpA new level of accuracy and precision achieved through its elegant drive mechanism, the pump features long-life ceramic components, unique in a syringe pump of this design. With the novel design features, the pump generates a broad dynamic range of flow rates, wider than three orders of magnitude – one pump can covers ranges normally covered by two pumps. The pump's high efficiency stepper motor and drive mechanism enable excellent liquid handling performance at small volumes, yet still have the necessary speed and power to achieve high volume performance. In addition, programmable flow rates from under 5 nl/s up to 5 ml/s ensure performance across a broad application range.

The Centris Pump's simple and rigid mechanical design with fewer moving parts ensures reliability. Precision-paired ceramic parts, that do not require a compliant O-ring seal on the plunger/barrel or require an unswept dead volume, give almost no resistance or wear. Customized parts and optimized drive electronics have resulted in whisper quiet operation, especially for slow dispense applications. Various built in valve configurations include 3, 6, 9, and 12 distribution ports. (Part no 43006)