FIAlab MicroSip Autosampler

Part Number: 61050
FIAlab MicroSip Autosampler
PA100 PEEK FittingsThe MicroSip consists of a multiposition valve with proprietary PA100 1/4-28 fittings that accept disposable pipette tips rather than tubing. The unit is designed to allow the out port to be 1-2 inches from an analyzer sample port, thus minimizing the distance the sample needs to travel. 
This setup is ideal for applications such as bioassays where sample volumes are limited and/or samples are expensive. The sample reservoirs can also hold beads for bead injection assays. 
Notes on volume limitations: when the available sample volume is as small as 50 microliters, 10 microliters of sample can routinely be injected in triplicate. With care, 5 microliters can be injected if only 10 microliters of sample solution is available.
FIAlan MicroSip Autosampler Diagram
Flow Schematic of Example MicroSip Configuration: The MicroSip consists of a 10 port multiposition valve, 12 proprietary PA100 fittings and seals, communication cable and power supply.