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The most common application for flow injection in environmental laboratories is the analysis of water for inorganic compounds. These compounds include cyanide, ammonia, nitrate, and more. We understand that environmental labs are subject to a plethora of EPA guidelines and standard operating procedures to guarantee accurate results. To satisfy these requirements we have incorporated EPA methods, upgraded our software to a modern platform and developed ways to easily transfer results to your laboratory information management system. Bottom line, we make it easy for you to incorporate our instruments into your operations.

Known Advantages of FIA:

  1. Fast calibration times – under 5 minutes
  2. Low detection limits
  3. Automation that liberates the lab technician
  4. Easy compliance with EPA and Standard Methods
  5. Low reagent and consumable use
  6. Consistent and reproducible results

Typical Methods:

  • Cyanide, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, TKN, phosphate, potassium, sulfate, iron. Click to see all.