Part Number: 77017


The Market's Smallest Sequential Injection Analyzer

MicroSIA uses computer control for the optimization of all the steps of an assay protocol. The result is high reproducibility, low reagent consumption, and minimized waste generation. The versatility makes it an ideal research tool, and its low reagent consumption makes it the most economic system for serial assays. MicroSIA is not only versatile, but it is also the smallest automated analyzer available on the market. (12cmx14cmx14cm). The MicroSIA LOV system offers unique capabilities - see Lab-on-Valve SIA.

pdfMicroSIA Flyer and Specifications 

ProSIA (formerly known as FIAlab-3200)
Part Number: 77014


Dual Pump Sequential Injection Analyzer

The ProSIA Dual Syringe SIA instrument is designed for research and development projects. The ProSIA uses computer control software for optimization of all steps of an assay protocol. The result is high reproducibility, low reagent consumption and minimized waste generation.

pdfProSIA Flyer and Specifications

OmniSIA (formerly known as FIAlab-3500)
Part Number: 77015


Sequential and Flow Injection Analyzer

The OmniSIA system is our most flexible instrument. It performs analyses in both SIA and FIA format. It is ideal for developing new FIA/SIA methods and testing new sensor technologies. It uses computer control software for the optimization of all steps of an assay protocol. With a multi-position valve, a high resolution micro-syringe pump and a 4-channel peristaltic pump, this unit is also suitable for exploration of chemical reactions, low pressure column separations, dialysis, and gas diffusion.

pdfOmniSIA Specification Sheet

FIAlab SIChrom
Part Number: 77012 and 770121
Product Image: thumb_FIAlab SIChrom.4


FIAlab SIChrom is the first commercial LC instrument based on the concept of sequential injection. Sequential Injection Chromatography uses programmable flow, instead of continuous flow, with sequential injection of sample and eluting solutions. 

Part Number: 774100
Product Image: thumb_MicroSIA Plus Etch LQ

    The MicroSIA Plus is serious about taking things one step at a time. With up to 181,490 increments per
stroke, this instrument is perfect for sequential injection assays (SIA) that require high precision and
accuracy. The key difference between this unit and the standard MicroSIA is the utilization of the Cavro®
Centris Pump, which provides unsurpassed pipetting performance and reliability. The MicroSIA Plus can
handle dynamic flow rates between 5 nl/s to 5 ml/s, which ensures precise low volume liquid handling while
still offering necessary speed for high volume applications. These qualities make the MicroSIA Plus ideal for
assays requiring precise dilutions, reagent conservation, and exact aspirations or dispensations.

    As with the all of our SIA instrumentation, the MicroSIA Plus operates on SIAsoft. This powerful and intuitive software simplifies any assay with easy sample entry, data exportation, method construction, and support for custom scripts written in Python.

    Altogether, the combination of a high-end syringe pump, state-of-the-art software, and our
persistent commitment to quality makes the MicroSIA Plus an excellent choice for precision-driven assays.