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Our standard software packages, FIAsoft and SIAsoft, have been designed and improved over the years based on extensive feedback from our customers. Even so, sometimes a customer may require a feature that is not present in our current software version. With our talented and responsive software team at FIAlab, we have had great success in quickly implementing small, and sometimes not-so-small, changes to our software to satisfy our customer’s needs. Many times, we feel these changes will benefit other customers in the future as well, so they are also added to our standard software package.

Beyond these tweaks to FIAsoft and SIAsoft, we have also designed entirely new software packages for some of our customers over the years. If you feel that FIAlab’s expertise can help you out, but you don’t see the exact product you need, please contact us. We are happy to take on a custom software project for you, and can also combine it with a custom analyzer to best fit your needs.