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Jarda Ruzicka Flow Injection Analysis 4th Edition

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What can be added to a topic described in 20.000 papers, 21 monographs and hundreds of dissertations?  An electronic image is worth a thousand words and therefore this tutorial appears to comprise more pictures than text.  The tools of e-technology: digital imaging, movie clips, and internet connectivity, offer versatility that traditional print cannot provide.  Being one’s own publisher lends an unprecedented freedom in the choice of scope, form, and material selection, as well as in communicating opinions in a way that is not possible within the established conformity of scientific publishing.

These thoughts, expressed in the Preface to the first edition of Flow Injection Analysis in 1997, led to its success.  This was expanded in the 2nd, 3rd and now 4th edition of FLOW INJECTION ANALYSIS,

The tutorial, written in Power Point format allows the content to be used in teaching and presentations.

The Chapters:

Introduction, Flow Injection, Sequential Injection, Bead Injection, Sequential Injection for Biomolecular Assays, Inventing FIA and Key References comprise topics ranging from theory to system construction and from histories about humble beginnings to applications of FIA worldwide, in academia, industry, research  and for environmental assays. 

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