FIAlab Process Analyzer
Part Number: 77103
Product Image: thumb_FIAlab-4000 2

The FIAlab Process Analyzer is a highly customized sequential injection analysis instrument that provides solutions to all kind of on-line process monitoring challenges. FIAlab-4000 is often used as a monitoring system or a process control system. As a monitoring system it can reports changes in chemical composition of the process fluid. As a process control system it can adjust the composition of the process within required specifications.

FIAlab process analyzers are designed in close cooperation with customers. The starting point is to accommodate the underlying chemical assay to a format suitable for sequential injection analysis. Usually, FIAlab's software developers provide a substantial customization of the analyzer software and help with the integration to customers other software systems.

All FIAlab Process Analyzers are industrial grade systems with the robustness and reliability required for the manufacturing environment.

Colifast CALM II
Part Number: 77002
Product Image: thumb_CALM_2

Fully automated at-line system for detection of coliforms

The Colifast At-Line Monitor – CALM is a fully automated early warning system for monitoring of coliforms and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in water. The technology is timesaving, cost reducing, and environmentally friendly. Detection time from 8 to 12 hours and it is also available with prefilled vials.The applications of the CALM span from raw water, in-process water, and waste water, to environmental monitoring. No laboratory facilities and minimal skills in microbiology are required to perform the analysis. The CALM is easily operated by the system computer or via LAN interface. The patented Colifast growth media are supplied in multi well Trays™ and the systems flexibility makes it easy to adapt to different applications. The CALM can perform parallel analysis of different target organisms. Depending on method and test frequency, the CALM needs monthly or weekly refilling of reagents.

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