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Multi-Channel Analysis

Part Number: 790xxx

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Get more out of your sample

Multi-Channel Analysis combines multiple assays into an efficient, in-line configuration. Such a setup allows you to test multiple analytes on one sample simultaneously. This saves bench space, instrument cost, and, most importantly, time. Save time by running multiple methods at once, and by preparing only one set of samples for all your methods. If you need to analyze multiple parameters for a single sample, why not do them all at once?

How it works:
A multi-channel configuration is constructed by daisy-chaining single-channel units, like the FIAlyzer 1000. In a flow injection system, sample is continually pumped through an instrument. It is only injected for analysis in short, specified intervals while the rest of the sample matrix flows to waste. In a multi-channel configuration, this sample waste is utilized for further analysis in another instrument where a different parameter is measured. This stepwise pattern can accommodate up to eight channels.

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The results of each assay can be viewed from a central computer that controls and coordinates all methods - one computer for up to eight analytes.

    Example configurations include:
    - Nitrate & Ammonia
    - Nitrate, Ammonia, Phosphate
    - Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Chloride, Phosphate, Sulfate 

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