FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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FIAlab’s Sequential Injection technology is ideally suited for on-line process monitoring. Our Process
Analyzer provides a Sequential Injection instrument in a robust, industrial-grade package. It has been
successfully utilized for continuous process measurements in a wide range of industries.

All of our applications have been developed in a customer-driven manner. Owing to the unique
capabilities of the Sequential Injection liquid handling technology and the powerful SIAsoft control
software package, FIAlab has been able to solve process analytical problems that other industrial

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  • The FIAlab Process Analyzer is based on the following “cornerstones”.
  • Programmable dilution
  • Ability to handle thick-flowing liquids with high precision
  • Colorimetric detection, ranging from very dilute to intensely colored solutionsChemical derivatization
    • with unit operation of heating and when necessary
  • Sample clean-up
    • usually, with unit operation of solid-phase extraction
    • sometimes, with unit operations of dialysis or gas diffusion



FIAlab offers multiple applications critical to the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative that is
rapidly gaining ground among biopharmaceutical manufacturers.


Reproducible coloring of textiles relies on precise control of color strength in dye liquids. The Process
Analyzer, equipped with ultra-short path absorbance detection, has been used for monitoring color
the intensity in industrial liquid dye baths.

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Many semiconductor manufacturing processes include a wash step using a detergent solution. The
detergent solution is often blended in-line from a concentrate, and FIAlab’s Process Analyzer has been
used to monitor blend uniformity on the blender exit.

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Household product manufacturing

The Process Analyzer has been used to measure enzyme concentrations in liquid detergents.

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