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  • The Process Analyzer is the ultimate SIA instrument. It embodies the combination of sequential injection analysis with PAT (Process Analytical Technology). This instrument was designed to be a logical and robust way to tackle a wide range of in-vitro assays conducted by pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. The previously meticulous procedures for these pretreatment and measurements assays are replaced with online processing by our software, SIAsoft. This intuitive software saves time, labor, and assures consistent procedures.

    This versatile instrument can be used in many industries and settings. Past applications include:

  • The Process Analyzer is highly modular and customized for each client’s needs. Integrated functions include:

    • Dilution
    • Solid phase extraction
    • Heating
    • Gas diffusion
    • Dialysis

    These functions are accomplished by using heaters, chillers, pumps, valves, and columns to treat samples in a logical and choreographed fashion.

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Product Highlights

Automate Basic Functions

You can automate basic chemical processes with the Process Analyzer. Functions like dilution, solid phase extraction, heating, gas diffusion, and dialysis can be accomplished in-line and out of mind.

On-line Process Monitoring

Use the Process Analyzer and SIAsoft to monitor sample pre-treatment or manufacturing in real-time. This use of process analytical technology (PAT) is the future of the manufacturing and QC environment.


The combinations of valves, pumps, heaters, columns, chillers, spectrometers, etc… that can be integrated under one hood creates endless potential for pre-treatment and measurement options. Tell us about your process, and we’ll automate it for you.

Ease of Use

With so many functions and possibilities, this instrument might seem elaborate and convoluted. But, with the intuitive software control of SIAsoft, such illusions are never realized. SIAsoft simplifies your automated process and makes it easy to control.


Sequential injection analysis is an intricate, dynamic analysis technique. The sheer number of actions, flow paths, and valves requires powerful computer control. As a result, we created SIAsoft. This new software packs a plethora of useful functions into a user-friendly interface. You can even use Python Scripting to build custom methods. Click below to find out more.

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