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  • The Sandwich Membrane flow cell is used for incorporating permselective membranes in flow analysis manifolds. Examples of such membrane techniques are gas diffusion and dialysis, both of which provide an easy and efficient way of reducing interference originating from the sample matrix. The Sandwich Membrane cell is easy to use and includes a built-in mixing manifold.

    Popular applications include:

    Part #



    Sandwich Membrane Flow Cell. Straight 80mm x 1mm path, Plexiglas.


    Manifold, 25 mm, Gas Diffusion, Mix-T, Acrylic, Wide Channel Width


    SMFC-SMALL - Sandwich Membrane Flow Cell for Dialysis Plexiglas.


     Membrane, 25 mm, Polypropylene for Gas Diffusion, 12 Pack
  • Assembly:

    After cleaning flow cell components before first use, lay one half of the sandwich membrane flow cell down with the fluid channel facing upwards. Place your choice of diffusion membrane down on top of the exposed fluid channel. Put the other half of the flow cell over the membrane and screw the pieces together. Now mount onto your FIAlab analyzer, connect fluid channels to pumps and perform absorbance analysis.

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