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Optics and Fibers

FIAlab offers a wide variety of fiber optic cables compatible with all our flowcells, light sources and detection systems. All of our fiber optic cables are UV/VIS compatible and solarization resistant.

The fibers are manufactured by Ocean Optics. These high-quality fibers are custom cut to fit our instruments just right. If your application requires a particularly long or short fiber, we’d be happy to request a custom fiber from Ocean Optics on your behalf.

Most of our fiber optic cables are made of 600-micron quartz core. The fiber optic cables have SMA connectors on each end to fit light sources, detectors, and flow cells. Another configuration has an SMA connector on one end and a PEEK sheath on the other. This sheath is in contact with your monitored solution. This end is polished for maximum transparency and it fits within narrow tolerances into flow cells and LOV modules.

Part #                  



FIAlyzer-1000 light source fiber. 600 um Premium Fiber, VIS/NIR, 30 cm.


FIAlyzer-1000 spectrometer fiber. 600 um Premium Fiber, VIS/NIR, 50 cm.


FIAlyzer-1000 bifurcated light source fiber. 600 um Premium Fiber, VIS/NIR, 30 cm.


Fiber, 600uM, 24in. End one: SMA terminated. End two: PEEK sheath terminated.

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