FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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 FIAlab believes that quality software is just as important as hardware. That’s why we created
SIAsoft. This software was created with one goal in mind: maximize ease of use without sacrificing 
the utility of many tools inherent in the software. The end product is a sleek, powerful control 
platform that will surely broaden your ability to operate our SIA instruments. Read on to learn about 
all the features of the software.


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Python Scripting

SIAsoft’s built-in Python interface allows users to harness the power and flexibility of Python to create unique and functional scripts. This added freedom allows them to tune FIAlab analyzers to best fit their laboratory and business needs. If you do not wish to use Python-based scripts, you can stick to traditional FIAlab commands.

Afraid of coding a method from scratch? Don't worry! Our engineers will get you on your feet by developing your initial method script. We can do so in Python or classic FIAlab scripting. This is included with any instrument purchase.

Product Highlights

Fast Configuration

Autodetect and configure many devices including SIA instruments, autosamplers, external pumps, etc.

Improved Sample Entry

Enter samples while method is running. Edit sample tables easily. Easy import from LIMS. Supports rapid entry methods – i.e. bar code scanners.

Enhanced Plotting Capabilities

Smooth zooming, panning and detail inspection of data on all data plots.

GUI Control

Clean GUI with a “point and click” functionality to maximize visual control.

Plot Inspection

Inspect individual peaks, entire runs, time slices and more with a single click.

3D Heat Map

This new feature plots absorbance readings across the entire spectrum for a single peak in order to monitor multiple wavelengths at once.

LIMS Integration

All FIAlab software is easily integrated into most LIMS systems. If not, we’ll make it work.

Easy Report Generation

Create reports in your choice of format: CSV, Table, Legacy or Custom.

3D Heat Map

Observe your data in a new light! This 3D Heat map will show you the relative absorbance readings of your samples across any range of wavelengths. Choose to observe your samples at any point in the assay like this. This tool can demonstrate flow patterns of your samples and help identify various species in them as well.

Graph multiple data sets in the same windowGenerate detailed absorbance data and graph 3-dimensional heat maps